Tutorials chair: Inderjeet Mani (Georgetown University, USA)

There will be four 3-hour tutorials, to be given by leading experts in language and speech processing. The tutorials will take place on July 21. The titles, times, and presenters are:

:: 1. Beyond Syntax: Predicates, Arguments, Valency Frames and Linguistic Annotation (see details)
Collin Baker, International Computer Science Institute
Jan Hajic, Charles University
Martha Palmer, Universtiy of Pennsylvania
Manfred Pinkal, Saarland University

:: 2. Building linguistically motivated speech recognisers with Regulus (see details)
Manny Rayner and Beth Ann Hockey, NASA Ames Research Center
Pierrette Bouillon, ISSCO/University of Geneva

:: 3. Kernel Methods in Natural Language Processing (see details)
Jean-Michel Renders, Xerox Research Center Europe

:: 4. Adaptive Learning: From Supervised to Active Learning of statistical models for Natural Language and Speech Processing (see details)
Giuseppe Riccardi, Dilek Hakkani-Tur and Gokhan Tur, AT&T Labs-Research