Shipping exhibit materials to the ACL-04 site

If you have a commercial product or service of interest to the natural language processing community, the ACL 2004 Exhibits Program is the perfect way to introduce it to your potential customers. ACL conference attendees will include an estimated over 700 academic, government, and industrial researchers and developers, working on all areas of natural language processing technology ranging from fundamental research to specific end-user applications. The ACL is the only conference to be held in Europe in 2004 that will attract this many of your targeted customers.
The ACL 2004 exhibits space is ideally located adjacent to paper presentation rooms and break areas. High-speed Internet connectivity and telephone connections, as well as a wide range of audio-visual equipment are available.
A wide range of products will be featured in the exhibits program, including:
- Natural language processing technology including systems for machine translation, natural language understanding, dialog processing and natural language generation - Natural language processing components such as lexicos and parsers - Tools and software used in natural language processing research, such as tools for corpora anlysis and NL processing analysis - Tools and software used in developing natural language applications, for example, dialog design tools and tools for customizing NLP and speech recognition systems - Tools and software for teaching natural language processing - Corpora - Speech recognition and understanding systems - Technical books and publications Note that the exhibits program is targeted primarily for commercial products. If you're interested in demonstrating non-commercial or research software, you'll want to contact the demonstration program .

:: Costs and facilities ::

The basic price for exhibits is $500 per day for a 9m2 space. An exhibit can run for one, two, or all three days, depending on you needs. You can also include a short description of the exhibit in the Exhibits/Sponsors brochure, which will be distributed to all conference registrants.
Exhibit space is also included with Platinum ($10,000), Gold ($5,000), and Silver ($3000) conference sponsorship. See the sponsorship page (acl2004) for details on sponsorship. A reduced price of $250 per day is available for publishers. The price includes a 2m2 skirted table and chairs if requested, as well as electrical power. Pipe and drape partitions, telephone lines, audio-visual equipmnet, and Internet connections are also available upon request.
Equipment can be sent to the CCIB: Barcelona International Convention Center no earlier than 3-4 days before the meeting, must be removed immediately after the meeting, and it must be conveniently packed and clearly labelled.
The exhibits area will be open the same hours as the technical meeting. Security will be provided for your equipment during the hours when the building is open.

:: How to exhibit ::

If your organization is interested in a commercial exhibit, please send the following information by May 1 by email to the Exhibits Chair, Deborah Dahl:

Name of organization:
Title of exhibit:
Type of exhibit (publisher, NL software, tools, etc.)
Are you a Platinum, Gold, or Silver conference sponsor?
Describe you needs for tables, chairs, pipe and drape, audiovisual equipment, Internet connectivity and telephone service
Description of exhibit (1-2 paragraphs) to be included in the exhibits pamphlet
Organizational contact for exhibits: (name, address, email, telephone and fax)
Exhibits days requested (and hours if the exhibit won't be open all the time)

Send payment by May 1 to:

Priscilla Rasmussen
ACL-04 Exhibits Program
3 Landmark Center
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 USA
email: acl@aclweb.org
Phone: +1-570-476-8006
Fax: +1-570-476-0860

Contact Deborah Dahl or Ma. Ant˛nia MartÝ if you have any other questions about the exhibits program.

Deborah Dahl
Exhibits/Sponsorship Chair, ACL 2004
Voice: (610) 648-3483
FAX: (610) 695-5636

Ma. Ant˛nia MartÝ
Local Exhibits/Sponsorship Chair, ACL 2004
Universitat de Barcelona
Tel: (+34) 93.403.56.71
Fax: (+34) 93.318.98.22
Payments questions should be directed to Priscilla Rasmussen.

:: Shipping exhibit materials to the ACL-04 site

The materials should be shipped after July, 10 to the following address:
    RESA Logistic
    c. Josep Pla, 98 - 116
    Magatzem 3 i 7
    08019 Barcelona
    att. Moises/Gemma

and should include a visible label with this content. You should also number each of the packages/boxes in the shipment (1/3, 2/3, 3/3).

Forum officials need to know in advance about the materials you are sending in, so please inform Montse CamprubÝ (montserrat.camprubi@upf.edu) one or two days before the materials are shipped (sender, date, contents, no. of packages, etc.).