Poster/Demo Session


Thursday, July 22



13.40 – 17.30            Session 1


                        TransType2 – An Innovative Computer-Assisted Translation System

                        José Esteban, José Lorenzo, Antonio S. Valderrábanos and Guy Lapalme


                        Improving Domain-Specific Word Alignment for Computer Assisted Translation

                        Wu Hua and Wang Haifeng


                        Subsentential Translation Memory for Computer Assisted Writing and Translation

                        Jian-Cheng Wu, Thomas C. Chuang, Wen-Chi Shei and Jason S. Chang


                        Customizing Parallel Corpora at the Document Level

                        Monica Rogati and Yiming Yang


                        An Automatic Filter for Non-Parallel Texts

                        Chris Pike and I. Dan Melamed


Exploiting Aggregate Properties of Bilingual Dictionaries for Distinguishing Senses of English Words and Inducing English Sense Clusters

                        Charles Schafer and David Yarowsky


                        Interactive grammar development with WCDG

                        Kilian A. Foth, Michael Daum and Wolfgang Menzel


                        Wide Coverage Symbolic Surface Realization

                        Charles Callaway


                        Part-of-Speech Tagging Considering Surface Form for an Agglutinative Language

                        Do-Gil Lee and Hae-Chang Rim


                        Is Conceptual Combination Influenced by Word Order?

                        Phil Maguire and Arthur Cater


                        Corpus representativeness for syntactic information acquisition

                        Núria Bel


                        Exploiting Unannotated Corpora for Tagging and Chunking

                        Rie Kubota Ando


                        Improving Bitext Word Alignments via Syntax-based Reordering of English

                        Elliott Franco Drabek and David Yarowsky