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Note that early registration deadline will be June, 20 :: Important note on security
For security reasons, luggage exceeding 50cm x 40cm x 20cm is not permitted in the Forum area. To avoid any inconvenience, conference participants should leave their luggage at their hotel before coming to the Forum.

:: Important news on registration for ACL’04
The venue for the conference will be within the large congress and exhibition centre of the Forum of Cultures, entry to which will be restricted to conference attendees and registered visitors to the other activities in the centre. The advantage to ACL’04 attendees will be free access to the many other daily activities of the site – science and art exhibitions, musical events, theatre etc. However, it does mean that there will be an added level to our registration process: in addition to our standard registration badge from ACL, we will each be issued a security pass for the site by the Forum officials. To get this, ACL attendees will be required to provide on registration the number of their official identity document – i.e., passport or national identity card; this information will be included in the registration form. On arrival at the conference, we will first have to visit the security office at the conference site, and present this document for inspection before being issued a security pass. So don’t forget to bring it with you on arrival to the conference.

The Forum officials have liaised with the ACL'04 organisers to make this process of issuing security passes as quick and efficient as possible. However, it will mean that registration may take slightly longer than usual, so don't forget to factor this in when you arrive for your first conference event - whether a tutorial, the welcome reception, or the first, invited, talk of the main session.

::Accreditation instructions
In order to get your accreditation, please go to the Accreditation Center located on the corner of Taulat Street and Rambla Prim (please see map, building indicated in red).

In order not to queue, we recommend that you pick up your accreditation the day before commencement. Accreditation Center Opening Hours:

- Day before commencement: 9AM to 7PM
- First day of the Dialogue: 8AM to 6PM
- Other days: 9AM to 6PM

For security reasons, luggage larger than 50x40x20 cm (cabin size) cannot be taken into the Forum precinct.

:: Accompanying persons
The ACL meeting is being held in the Centre de Convencions (Convention Center) on the Forum grounds. To enter the Forum area, accompanying persons will need to purchase a general admission ticket. One-day or 3-day tickets are available (for ticket information click here).

Accompanying persons who wish to enter the Convention Center will need to obtain a security clearance (as do all other conference participants). To do this, please send the information requested below to Montserrat Camprubí (montserrat.camprubi@upf.edu) who will provide it to the Forum security officials who prepare the clearances.

    full name
    Full address
    Date of birth
    Place of birth
    Country of birth
    National ID / Passport number:
Forum passes with clearances may be picked up at the Accreditation Center located on the corner of Taulat Street and Rambla Prim (please see map, building indicated in red).

:: Step-by-step access to ACL-04 site
The Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB), where ACL-04 is held, is within the premises of Barcelona's Forum 2004. Forum 2004 officials have implemented specific security measures that affect access to ACL-04. When going to the Forum site for the first time, please allow some extra time, take your passport or relevant photo ID (the one you used for on-line registration), and follow these steps:
    1. Go to the Forum's "Accreditation Centre" (please see map: building shown in red). Find the ACL-04 registration desk, where you will get your ACL-04 badge and your vouchers (proceedings and banquet). You can also register on site here. See below for opening hours

    2. Still within the "Accreditation Centre", proceed to one of the "accreditation" queues (sorted alphabetically) to get your "accreditation", i.e. your Forum 2004 pass. Accompanying persons should obtain their one-day accreditations at the desk specially set up for this purpose. Forum tickets are bought at the entrance to the Forum grounds (next to building on the left).

    3. Head to the CCIB (building on the right). Entrance to the Forum 2004 grounds is through the turnstiles next to it. Two security check points (with control of passes and X-ray inspection of bags) have to be crossed: the first one is at the Forum entrance turnstiles; the second one is at entrance to CCIB. For security reasons, only bags and luggage smaller than 50x40x20cms will be allowed through the entrance check points.

    4. Collect your conference bag at the Conference Bag Pick-up Desk on the ground floor of CCIB, before going up to the main floor.

    5. Go up to main floor. At the ACL-04 Desk you can exchange your proceedings voucher for the corresponding set of ACL-04 proceeding.

    6. All conference rooms are on this floor.

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:: "Accreditation Centre" opening hours
In order to avoid queuing it is strongly recommended that you pick your "accreditation" (the Forum pass) earlier in the day on July 21 or, if you plan to come on a later date, on the eve of the day your first plan to be at ACL-04. Opening hours are strictly enforced:
    - July, 20: 9 am to 6 pm
    - July, 21: 8 am to 7.30 pm
    - July, 22: 8 am to 6 pm
    - Other days: 9 am to 6 pm
Note that Workshops on July 25-26 start at 8.30 am, so only-workshop attendees should pick up their accreditation the day before (between 9 am and 6 pm).

:: Available Discounts and Financing
The ACL'04 Student Volunteer Programme offers students subsidized registration in exchange for assisting the registration desk, stuffing delegate packets, handling microphones during conference question/answer periods, and so on. It's best to apply early before positions fill up.

For travel and accommodation expenses, conference participants who apply for a short term online loan can get their trip fully funded. These short term loans provide quick cash, affordable payment plans, and simple online applications.

The ACL has made arrangements with local hotels and student residences to accommodate our conference participants. We recommend students book the student residences through the ACL to get the lowest room rates available in the area. These rooms are guaranteed, which is important to note because the conference is taking place during the high tourist season.

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