Programme for Poster/Demo Session


Thursday, July 22


10.30 – 12.10  Short Presentations




10.30 – 10.37  TransType2 – An Innovative Computer-Assisted Translation System

                        José Esteban, José Lorenzo, Antonio S. Valderrábanos and Guy Lapalme


10.37 – 10.44  Improving Domain-Specific Word Alignment for Computer Assisted Translation

                        Wu Hua and Wang Haifeng


10.44 – 10.51  Subsentential Translation Memory for Computer Assisted Writing and Translation

                        Jian-Cheng Wu, Thomas C. Chuang, Wen-Chi Shei and Jason S. Chang


10.51 – 10.58  Customizing Parallel Corpora at the Document Level

                        Monica Rogati and Yiming Yang


10.58 – 11.05  An Automatic Filter for Non-Parallel Texts

                        Chris Pike and I. Dan Melamed


11.05 – 11.12  Exploiting Aggregate Properties of Bilingual Dictionaries for Distinguishing Senses of English Words and Inducing English Sense Clusters

                        Charles Schafer and David Yarowsky


11.12 – 11.19  Interactive grammar development with WCDG

                        Kilian A. Foth, Michael Daum and Wolfgang Menzel


11.19 – 11.26  Wide Coverage Symbolic Surface Realization

                        Charles Callaway


11.26 – 11.33  Part-of-Speech Tagging Considering Surface Form for an Agglutinative Language

                        Do-Gil Lee and Hae-Chang Rim


11.33 – 11.40  Is Conceptual Combination Influenced by Word Order?

                        Phil Maguire and Arthur Cater


11.40 – 11.47  Corpus representativeness for syntactic information acquisition

                        Núria Bel


11.47 – 11.54  Exploiting Unannotated Corpora for Tagging and Chunking

                        Rie Kubota Ando


11.54 - 12.01  Improving Bitext Word Alignments via Syntax-based Reordering of English

                        Elliott Franco Drabek and David Yarowsky